Machine Repair

Do you have a machine that hasn’t been used for awhile? Or do you have a great machine that all of a sudden doesn’t feel the way it normally feels? Or were you given a used machine that needs a check-up and some loving care?

*New* Spot Check
Perhaps your machine simply has an issue with tension or you took that bobbin case out and know it is not in correctly...we now offer a Spot Check service if a Technician is available.  Call ahead to confirm that a Service Tech is available and your machine issue may be corrected quickly or they may recommend a full repair; a minimal fee applies for a Spot Check.

Repairs and Maintenance
You may drop off your machine anytime during regular business hours and it will be looked at in the order in which it was received. Service times are dependent upon how many machines are in the service que and vary.  Repair pricing begins at the base rate listed below, however, we will discuss additional costs with you prior to fixing your machine.  Our service department  services  most makes and models of  sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machines. 

Sewing Machines                                BASE RATE     $99.00
           ( add embroidery unit + $45.00)
             *deposit upon arrival $45.00

Sergers  ( 2,3 or 4 thread )                 BASE RATE     $129.00
Sergers  ( 5 thread & coverhems + $40.00) 
               *deposit upon arrival $60.00


Additional service charges may apply dependent upon the repair of each individual machine