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TearAway stabilizers are used in projects where most of the stabilizer needs to be removed, such as towels and linens. TearAway stabilizer can support more stitches than WashAway, but not as many as a CutAway.

TearAway stabilizer is often preferred because it is easy to remove and gives a cleaner look to the back of the embroidery. TearAway stabilizers are ideal for woven fabrics without stretch, such as chambray, poplin, quilt cotton, linen, and most satins. Also use TearAway for sturdy ready-to-wear items like bags and hats.

TearAway is a common choice for appliqué designs because of its clean finish. The appliqué fabric in an appliqué design provides some stability to the project, so a lighter stabilizer can often be used.

TearAway stabilizers can also be used in other types of applications, such as decorative stitching on a sewing machine, or for stabilizing buttonholes.

OESD’s TearAway stabilizers have no directional tear; they will tear easily in either direction, and there is no need to crisscross layers.

When removing TearAway, support the stitches with one hand as you tear away the stabilizer with the other. Only remove one layer at a time. Remove TearAway stabilizer from the outside of the design, but you can leave it in the open areas on the inside of a design.

TearAway Stabilizer is available in several different types: Heavy, Medium, Light, Ultra Clean and Tear, HydroStick, StabilStick, and Fusible.

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OESD Stabilizer - Heavy Weight Tear Away



OESD Stabilizer - Medium Weight Tear Away - 15" X 10 yds



OESD - Ultra Clean and Tear 15" (Sold Per Meter)



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