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WashAway stabilizers are made from a chemical starch that dissolves completely in water. When rinsed thoroughly, the stabilizer is completely removed from the fabric.

If a fabric is sturdy and the design is light enough, a WashAway can be used as the primary stabilizer. For sheer fabrics, such as organza, tulle, or batiste, WashAway stabilizer is the best choice, as even a TearAway stabilizer will show on these projects.

WashAway toppings create a smooth surface for embroidery with fabrics containing a pile or nap, such as towels. By laying a piece of WashAway stabilizer over the top of the fabric to be embroidered, the stitches form over the top of the fabric, looking smooth and even, without sinking into the fabric. WashAway is also used on in the hoop projects like freestanding lace or appliqué.

WashAway is the best choice for freestanding lace designs (unless otherwise noted). OESD recommends using one layer of AquaMesh and one layer of BadgeMaster to provide the perfect amount of stability for freestanding lace.

WashAway is removed by rinsing it under warm running water. Rinse the project completely before allowing it to dry, as the starch in the stabilizer can stiffen the fabric if it is not rinsed out.

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OESD Notions - Expert Embroidery Tape - Wash Away Tape - 2 per pack



OESD Stabilizer - StitcH2O Wash Away - 8" x 10 yds



OESD Stabilizer - StitcH2O Wash Away - 12" x10 yds



OESD Stabilizer - Badge Master Wash Away - 12" x 8 yds



OESD Stabilizer - AquaMesh Wash Away - 10" x 10yds



OESD Stabilizer - AquaMesh Wash Away -15" x 10yds



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