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Sulky 30 Weight Blendables

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You will love the intriguing results you will get with Sulky 30 Wt. Cotton Blendables Thread. A masterful blend of different colors within the same range of tone and intensity, with random, subtle color changes every 2-1/2 to 5 inches! No other thread does this! Recommended Needle Size: 14/90 Quilting or Topstitch

  • ALL Sulky Cotton Thread comes from 100% Egyptian Cotton that is grown in Egypt. Most critical to its quality is that it is dyed and finished in Italy, which is why you see “Made in Italy” on the spool.
  • All Sulky thread spools have at least one "snap spool" end - including the King Size, Maxi-Spools, and Jumbo Cones. Gently lift up the end with your thumb, release the thread, then snap it closed. To secure the thread when your sewing is completed, gently lift the end with your thumb, wind the thread into the gap, and snap it closed.

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Sulky Cotton Blendables 30wt - #1225 Pastel Pink


Sulky Cotton Blendables 30wt - #4001 Parchment


Sulky Cotton Blendables 30wt - #4090 Summer Woods